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Satellite Name Intelsat 33e
Status Active
Mission Type Communication
Orbit Geostationary
Position 60.0 ° East
Country International
Operator Intelsat S.A.
Satellite Manufacturer Boeing
Model (BUS) BSS 702MP
Launch Vehicle Ariane 5 ECA
Launch Site Guiana Space Centre
Launch Date 24.08.2016
Satellite Lifetime 15 Year (Planned lifetime has 14 year expired.)
Mass 6100 Kg
Downlink Frequency Unknown
Uplink Frequency Unknown
Beacon Frequency Unknown
Norad Number 41748
Cospar Number 2016-053B
Toplam TV 61
SD TV 60
Ultra HD (4K) TV 0
3D TV 0
Radio 21
Data 0
Feed 0

C Band Sub Saharan and Spot
KA Band Global
Multi Spot and Eurasia